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Improving Care Through Collaboration
Clinical Integration
Clinical integration hospital services refer to the coordination and integration of healthcare services provided by different medical professionals and departments within a hospital setting. The goal of clinical integration is to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes, as well as to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This is achieved through the use of evidence-based practices, shared protocols, and communication among healthcare providers.
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Clinical integration hospital services improve patient outcomes by coordinating care among multiple healthcare professionals
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It helps to reduce costs by eliminating duplication of services and increasing efficiency
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Evidence-based practices and shared protocols are used to ensure that patients receive high-quality care
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Clinical integration promotes communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals, leading to a more seamless and coordinated patient experience
Helping Patients Get More Active
Clinical Integration
As the area’s only medically based fitness center, Anderson Health and Fitness Center can help you safely transition to a healthy, active lifestyle. With the help of a fitness professional, you will learn how to improve your health with a regular routine of exercise and wellness, gradually moving toward an independent regiment.
What We Offer

Our clinical integration program helps patients make a smooth transition to an independent fitness routine. During this transition period, you will meet with a certified, degreed personal trainer who will perform a health risk assessment, teach you how to safely and effectively use our equipment, and set you up with a fitness routine to do on your own during your trial period. You will also be introduced to our group exercise classes if your trainer deems them safe for your diagnosis.

If your doctor or nurse practitioner has prescribed exercise to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle, Anderson Health and Fitness Center will honor the prescription with a free two week trial membership.

For patients who are receiving treatment at Anderson Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, we provide a 4 week complimentary fitness center membership that begins after completion of the therapy program.

For patients in our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, we provide a complimentary fitness center membership that is valid for 6 weeks.

Anderson Regional Cancer Center patients receive a complimentary fitness center membership that is valid for 12 weeks.

Click here to learn more about Integration Oncology.

Click here to learn more about Integration Referrals.

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Anderson Regional Health System offers a wide range of medical services, including cancer, cardiac, pediatric, surgical, and trauma care. Our healthcare professionals are committed to improving the lives of those we serve.

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