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Knee Replacement Services in Meridian
Knee Replacement
Knee replacement is a surgery focused on reducing pain and getting you back to the activities you love. This is a surgical procedure in which damaged cartilage in the knee is replaced by a metal implant. Also called “knee arthroplasty” or “knee resurfacing.”
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New minimally invasive surgeries for knee replacements
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Strategically managing pain after joint replacement
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Considering Your Options
Meridian Total Knee Replacement
If painful knees are slowing you down, advanced orthopedic care at Anderson Regional Medical Center can help you get going again.
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If you have persistent knee pain and fit any of the following descriptions, you may be a good candidate for knee replacement surgery:

  • Knee pain that limits your everyday activities such as walking, bending and getting in and out of vehicles
  • You are no longer able to manage joint pain with typical over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®) or acetaminophen (Tylenol®)
  • Activities you used to take part in such as golf, bicycling and exercising have become too painful to continue
  • Less invasive treatments, such as cortisone injections and physical therapy, do not relieve your pain
Knee Replacement Procedure

In knee replacement surgery, the weight-bearing surfaces of your knee joint are replaced with prosthetic joint hardware. The procedure involves cutting away damaged bone and cartilage from your thighbone, shinbone and kneecap and replacing it with an artificial joint (prosthesis) made of metal alloys, high-grade plastics and polymers.

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