Celebrating Strength and Resilience Through Art
Handprints of Hope
In honor of National Cancer Survivors Month, Anderson Regional Cancer Center invites survivors to add their handprint and years of survivorship to a large canvas that is displayed in the center. Through the creation of art, survivors are given the opportunity to express their emotions, experiences, and resilience.
Held in June during National Cancer Survivor Month
Honors the strength and resilience of cancer survivors through art
Opportunity for survivors to connect with and support each other
A powerful and uplifting celebration of survival
Handprints of Hope
In celebration of cancer survivors, Anderson Regional Cancer Center annually invites survivors to put their “Handprints of Hope” on a canvas that is then put on display. Last year, 140 survivors put their handprints on the canvas, representing a combined 1,027 years of survivorship.

One of the participants said, “I went for my infusion today and while there went by and placed my handprint on the canvas. Each handprint represents a cancer victim, but also represents the hope that person has of beating the cancer that they have, or that they have already beaten. When you are the one placing your handprint, you look at the others that are already on the canvas and think of the trials each person endured. It makes you humble that you are there at that moment in time, and thankful for the others that were there before you, and for those that will come after you. No one wishes to have cancer in their lives, but for those of us that do, we are appreciative for Anderson Regional Cancer Center and their caring staff. Because of them, we have the hope to one day be cancer free.”

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Celebrate Your Survivorship by Making Your Mark
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