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Dialysis Treatment
Kidney dialysis is a necessary treatment for people with end-stage kidney disease or permanent kidney failure (85-90 percent damage to the kidney). Dialysis takes over the kidneys' job of filtering blood. Temporary dialysis may be needed in some cases. Innovative dialysis treatments at Anderson Regional Medical Center can allow you to maintain an active and productive life.
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Kidney dialysis uses a special machine to filter harmful wastes, salt and excess fluid from your blood
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One form of dialysis is hemodialysis where your blood is filtered to remove harmful wastes and extra fluid from your blood
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Dialysis treatments may be needed several times a week
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We coordinate your treatment needs with your physician
Kidney Care Services
Meridian Dialysis
Anderson Regional hospital in Meridian offers comprehensive dialysis services for patients with kidney failure or kidney dysfunction. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality care and support to help our patients maintain their health and quality of life.
What is Dialysis?
What to Expect

Your kidneys help filter waste, excess fluid and toxins from your blood. They are also important for blood cell production and bone health. If kidneys don't work properly, harmful substances build up in the body, blood pressure can rise and too much fluid can collect in the body's tissues, which leads to swelling.

If your kidneys fail, you will need dialysis or a kidney transplant to take over their job. Kidney dialysis is a life-support treatment that uses a special machine to filter harmful wastes, salt and excess fluid from your blood. This restores the blood to a normal, healthy balance.

During hemodialysis, you will be hooked up to a machine that takes over the kidneys' job of filtering blood. During the session, your blood flows a little bit at a time through a special filter inside the hemodialysis machine. The filter removes wastes and extra fluids from your blood, but retains the proper balance of minerals such as potassium and sodium. Once the blood is cleaned, it is returned to the body.

Patients often need dialysis treatments several times a week. How long each hemodialysis session lasts depends on:

  • How well your kidneys work
  • How much fluid you gained since your last dialysis session
  • How much waste has gathered in your blood since your last dialysis session
  • Your weight
  • The type of hemodialysis machine being used
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