Anderson Receives $120K Grant from Riley Foundation

Hospital staff with new medical equipment.
DATE POSTED: November 13, 2020

MERIDIAN, MS (November 5, 2020) – Anderson Regional Health System (ARHS) has received a $120,000 grant from The Riley Foundation to purchase four new ventilators for the hospital’s intensive and critical care units.

“We reached out to Anderson to see how we could help during the pandemic, and there was a need for additional ventilators,” said Becky Farley, Executive Director with The Riley Foundation.

John G. Anderson, President and CEO of ARHS, said, “The pandemic has affected everyone, and with so much change and tragedy, health systems across the nation are facing new challenges daily. With resources stretched like never before, this grant made a huge impact in our fight against COVID-19. We are extremely grateful to The Riley Foundation for the funds that have enabled us to purchase ventilators and continue providing life-saving care to patients.”

A ventilator is a life support treatment that helps patients breathe when lung function is significantly reduced. The machine is connected to the patient through a tube placed into the mouth or nose and inserted into the windpipe, a process known as intubation. The ventilator then blows air, plus oxygen if required, into the patient’s lungs.

Dr. Hatem Mourad, a hospitalist working in the COVID Unit at Anderson said, “Some patients who have COVID-19 develop pneumonia and severe inflammation that greatly decreases lung function. A ventilator can make the difference between life and certain death in these patients. Even if the lung is failing, a ventilator can give the patient more time to overcome the infection and support the patient until his or her lungs are able to regain function.”

Marty Davidson, Board Chairman for The Riley Foundation, said, “The Riley Foundation wants to support our medical facilities in Meridian in their major fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, the grant we have given to Anderson Regional Health System for ventilators will help save lives and enable patients to recover faster from COVID-19.”

“This grant was a bright spot during an unprecedented time. The support we have received from The Riley Foundation and many others in our community who are standing together with us is greatly appreciated,” added Anderson.

Anderson Regional Medical Center has discharged over 400 COVID-19 patients who have recovered from the illness.

About The Riley Foundation

The Riley Foundation was formed in 1998 with proceeds from the sale of the local Riley Memorial Hospital. The organization works to improve the quality of life for the people of Meridian and Lauderdale County, and has granted more than $70 million since inception.

About Anderson Regional Health System

Anderson Regional Health System is the most comprehensive health system in the East Mississippi/ West Alabama area and the established leader in offering premier medical services. With two hospitals, a regional cancer center, and a network of clinics, Anderson’s healthcare professionals are committed to the mission of providing a heritage of healing and improving life for the people they serve.

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