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Questions or concerns about your symptoms?
Use the Anderson COVID-19 Hotline:
Call 601-553-7888 or email

Anderson Regional Health System has taken many steps to ensure our staff and patients stay safe as normal hospital and clinic operations are resumed.


Infection prevention has always been a priority at Anderson. We have over 60 people on site each day who are devoted to keeping our facilities safe for our patients, staff and physicians. Our sanitization processes are under the direction of our infection control practitioner who is charged with enforcing CDC guidelines.


Every person who enters an Anderson facility, whether it is a physician, employee, patient, or visitor is screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Those who do not pass this screening are not allowed inside the hospital and should at that point seek additional medical evaluation at any clinic or physician’s office of their choice.

All patients who present to the Emergency Room are screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Patients who are admitted to the hospital are given a COVID-19 test even if they present to the hospital with medical problems unrelated to COVID-19. Every person with symptoms is treated as positive until their test results are returned. Patients who have signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are placed in a designated COVID-19 unit, a completely sealed off negative pressure area, and are kept in isolation until they are no longer positive or infectious.

Patients who are scheduled for surgery are tested for COVID-19 prior to having their surgery performed. This is necessary to detect a possible infection in someone who may not have any symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of their surgery.

Visitor Restrictions

Our visitor restrictions provide safeguards not only for the visitor but the patient and our staff as well. We expect visitors to observe the social distancing requirements in place for all waiting rooms and other common areas.


Everyone who enters our facility is required to wear a mask at all times. We encourage you to protect yourself and be respectful of others by wearing a mask anytime you are in public.

Standing Ready

Enhanced safety precautions and procedures will be in place as long as needed to protect our patients, staff and visitors. We want you to feel safe here, like you always have. Anderson has remained focused on providing advanced medicine and compassionate care, close to home. We continue to be the region’s leading institution in evidence based medicine and surgical care. We’ve been first to market with so many advancements in health care for this region such as cardiac surgery, cancer treatment, advanced robotic surgery, and now COVID-19 which has strengthened our skills, tested our innovation and enhanced our level of care. Our staff has risen to the challenge that this illness has brought, and we are honored to have cared for the very infirmed. As always, we stand ready for you in your time of need.