New Scarless Hysterectomy Option at Anderson Regional Medical Center

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DATE POSTED: March 24, 2021

MERIDIAN, MS (March 22, 2021) – Women who are considering a hysterectomy now have a new totally scarless surgical option at Anderson Regional Medical Center. Dr. Elizabeth Trest of Meridian OB-GYN is now performing the advanced gynecologic technique known as vNOTES (Vaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery), the state’s first surgeon to do so.

Dr. Trest has been specially trained on this innovative approach to hysterectomy that she says enhances the patient’s experience.

“As a surgeon, I am continually seeking training opportunities to offer the most advanced techniques to my patients,” said Dr. Trest. “Because it is a less invasive option than laparoscopic or traditional hysterectomy, vNOTES provides many benefits to my patients including less time in the hospital, faster recovery, decreased pain and no visible scarring.”

The vNOTES technique, which uses the vagina as a surgical access route, is the newest approach to hysterectomy procedures. For the surgery, a vNOTES device known as the GelPOINT® V-Path transvaginal access platform is placed through the vagina into the pelvic cavity, giving access to the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The GelPOINT® V-Path device is the means by which the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas to give the surgeon the space needed to see and operate. A high-definition camera and laparoscopic instruments are inserted through the device, allowing surgeons to operate with the utmost precision and visualization. Once the surgery is completed, the GelPOINT® V-Path is removed and the gas is evacuated.

Surgical societies have long-seen the benefits of vaginal hysterectomy, but the procedure was rarely performed because of the difficulties involved in seeing and accessing critical anatomy. vNOTES solves these challenges through the use of innovative technology.

“The vast majority of patients who have the vNOTES hysterectomy will be able to leave the hospital the same day they were admitted. I know many of my patients will appreciate the fact that they can return to their busy lives more quickly and get back to what matters most,” said Dr. Trest.

To learn more about the procedure and determine if you are a candidate, please call Meridian OB-GYN at 601-703-1003.

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