Single-Site Surgery

Recover faster with a virtually scarless procedure.

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Single-Site Surgery

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What is Single-Site Surgery?

Single-Site Surgery is a non-robotic, minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the surgeon operates almost exclusively through a single entry point, typically the patient’s navel. Unlike a traditional multi-port laparoscopic approach with up to four incisions, single-site surgery leaves only a single small scar.

Benefits of Single-Site Surgery

Because there is only one incision, patients typically recover faster from single-site surgery. Depending on the type of surgery, patients are usually able to go home the same day. Also, many patients prefer the aesthetic results of a virtually scarless procedure.

Single-Site Surgery Procedures Offered at Anderson

Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery

Performed by Dr. William Billups, III

Single-Site Hysterectomy

Performed by Dr. Dan McKiever


Single Site Gallbladder Surgery

In this Medical Minute, Dr. William Billups, III, discusses single site gallbladder removal which is the latest, most innovative surgical treatment for the disease.

Single-Site Hysterectomy

In this Medical Minute, Dr. Dan McKiever discusses single-site hysterectomy, a virtually scarless procedure offered at Anderson Regional Medical Center.