Diabetes Prevention Program

With more than 86 million people in the United States with pre-diabetes and heading to get Type 2 diabetes, Anderson Health & Fitness Center is on a mission to change the statistics.

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Located at Anderson- North on the lower level of the parking garage

Diabetes Prevention Program

Anderson Health and Fitness Center’s Diabetes Prevention Program is helping people stop the progression of pre-diabetes into Type 2 diabetes. The program is recognized and approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and helps reverse pre-diabetes through proper diet, exercise and education.

This one-year program gives participants access to all of the center’s amenities, plus educational sessions on relevant health topics, consultations with a Registered Dietitian and instruction from certified personal trainers.

Classroom sessions include topics such as: Be a Fat and Calorie Detective, Three Ways to Eat Less Fat and Fewer Calories, Healthy Eating, Move Those Muscles, Being Active – A way of Life, Tip the Calorie Balance, Take Charge of What’s Around You, Problem Solving, Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out, Talk Back to Negative Thoughts, The Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Change, Jump Start Your Activity Plan, Make Social Cues Work for You, You Can Manage Stress, and Ways to Stay Motivated.

Visit the Center during regular business hours and fill out a short, one-page screening questionnaire that will determine if you are a candidate for the program.